closet vomit

One of the latest concepts that I have observed in modern street fashion is the adaptation of a sporty-chic look, regardless of whether or not you are athletically inclined. The inevitable truth about living an urban lifestyle is that leading a productive life means constantly being on-the-go, and fashion has certainly adapted to that, taking legwear and brands such as Nike, Adidas, and Lululemon beyond the gym and onto the streets. 

My main inspiration for adopting sporty-chic into my closet is my favorite blogger and idol Sietske Lamers, a scandanavian minimalist blogger with the greatest monochrome wardrobe and a (justified) obsession with sneakers. She recently posted about the new Nike Hypervenom line, which was released in late June, and I am currently obsessed with every pair. You can see her blurb on the new line here.

While I don’t see this look being a consistent concept in my wardrobe, it was definitely useful for a day like today where I was running errands and needed a combination that was comfortable, but still fashionable. I especially enjoyed the snakeskin leggings, which set this outfit apart than any other leggings-and-sneakers girl in line for coffee.