closet vomit



As a lot of you know, I am a complete sucker for peter pan collars. It seems like every other outfit I wear, both on the internet and off, incorporates a unique neckline. I am proud of this because I like my collarbone area a lot, and it is a confidence boost to have something that accentuates it, or makes it a surreptitious aspect of my body by covering it just enough. I am channeling my inner kindergartener (though I didn’t go to kindergarten) with a loose mini dress and a white collar, paired with my mule-ish shoes. They are currently my favorite shoes in the entire world, because they are simple and mature, yet very fun and complement the shape of my feet. And they are quality. I don’t like providing tips to people, but one thing I will say is NEVER BUY SHITTY SHOES. Ever. Please. I love all of you and all of your feet and I am doing you a favor telling you not to buy shoes that don’t have any support.

Anyways, I hope you love this outfit from today. Go dress like kindergarteners!