closet vomit



BEHOLD! A playlist for you! If there is anything that I have discovered about myself since downloading Spotify three years ago, it is that I make the most unconventional and strange playlists that have ever polluted the internet. Not that it is a bad thing… who wants a predictable tracklist? Answer: nobody.

Anyways, I have spent a good chunk of time wanting to start sharing my playlists with all of you. I feel that the collision of music and fashion is such an important phenomenon that has happened in culture in the past century, and I also know that my music collection is such a massive influence on the way that I dress, blog, and live my life.

This specific playlist is a showcase of tracks, both new and old to me, that fill my insides with absolute joy and appreciation for my life. Some of these remind me of my coming-of-age, others are songs that I enjoy to listen to while riding my bike or taking a long bath, and some of these remind me of my man friend human person. It is, indeed, a complete clusterfuck to an outsider, but to me, it is an orb of joy, nostalgia, and absolute summer dreaminess.

I hope that it brings you as much joy as it brings me! You can also find me on Spotify and see what I am listening to!

Pssst… all due credit due to the owner of the header image.