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Hey everyone! The weather is finally evolving in my favor, meaning my FALL OUTFITS ARE COMING. *heavy breathing* Autumn has always been my favorite season since I was very small- some of my fondest memories of growing up in Detroit are raking the leaves and jumping in them with my sister, taking family hikes through state parks, and having the coolest parents ever who would set up our projector in the front yard and invite everyone on the block to come watch a Halloween film. The brisk air and warm ciders of the season make me feel a haunting (lol) sense of nostalgia for a time when everything was simple and candy didn’t have calories.

I have always had a go-to hat since I was in high school. I used to almost always wear a hat, but I weaned myself off of it to only wear it… most of the time. Hahaha. I found this wide-brim beauty at a boutique in Seattle, and it is made by OLIVE + PIQUE. My boots are DOLCE VITA, my skinnies are from NORDSTROM, and my (dream) coat was designed by KRISTEN BLAKE. This is my ultimate ensemble for the cold months, and I already know that you will be seeing these pieces a ton. My apologies in advance.

Here are the rest of my shots of this fall outfit! A special thank-you to MINKMADE for photographing me.

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