closet vomit



Everybody has a day when they wake up and know that nothing is going to go right. Nobody is spared from this happening at least once. Unfortunately, mine was yesterday. Though I am not ready to talk about events that led up to why yesterday was awful, I want to write a post that emphasizes something positive: remembering you are powerful.

I will give a very vague description of what happened yesterday, just for the sake of my privacy (I promise I will find it in me to talk to you about this in the future). I have never really talked to you about this, but for context, my day job is waiting tables. Anyway, I was at work going about my usual day, and then a certain individual came into the place I work at, and this individual is a threat to my safety and all around mental wellness. That is all I am going to share.

Moving on, I felt powerless and I felt as if I was rapidly backtracking to a negative state of mind that I used to be in all the time (someone close to me used to call this “being a backwards-walker”). I was shaking, afraid, and I didn’t know what to do. But in that moment, I realized that I need to remind myself that I am a powerful human. I work hard, I spread love to everyone around me, and I don’t let people fuck with me. And I began to feel warm inside again. I remembered that you should never allow anyone, no matter how fucked up or disgusting they are, influence your day-to-day existence. You are you. You are extraordinary.

I’m sorry this got heavy again, but I can sense that I have trust in all of you. Thank you all for being strong. Thank you for having open ears and positive minds.

Here’s my outfit! Shot by JENSON METCALF!


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