closet vomit




My New Years’ resolution for 2015 was to “master a new talent.” After a few days of thinking, I decided I wanted to learn how to be “good” at makeup. I spent that whole year trying new things, practicing, and making my first youtube makeup video, which I am a little embarrassed of now, because my whole makeup routine has changed. Makeup has never been a strong suit of mine, from wearing dark green eye shadow and tinted lip gloss and being called a clown for it in the seventh grade (Sean, if you are ever reading this, fuck you) to my oversized cat eyes of 2014-2015. I realized that I love my face the way it is, and I would much rather wear products that enhance what I already have, rather than attempt to change it.

This is why I love Glossier.

They place a high value on quality skincare (my obsession for so long, I was practically exfoliating and masking in the womb) and create products that showcase the real, natural beauty that you already possess. They are literally my heroes with the amazing, high-quality, natural products that they make.

I used to hate my eyebrows in high school and I tweezed the fuck out of them until they were little angel hair noodles above my eyeballs. I would go get them done on occasion, and I remember being penned with the nickname “big brow girl” after just one visit. However, I have grown to love them over the years and I don’t even upkeep them anymore (à la Frieda Kahlo). If I could grow a unibrow, I would. I am dead serious, I would be thrilled with some middle hairs going on.

Anyway, I ordered their new HALOSCOPE highlight which dropped on Monday, and I am addicted. It is so clean and simple, and goes on with one swipe and a little blending. I am wearing it in Quartz (made with real quartz crystals!) with Boy Brow in black. Just for reference, these are the only two products on my face here. I didn’t want my BB cream/mascara obstructing how the product looks point-blank. There’s a raw, unedited photo of me wearing it below.

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