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left to right: aldo, happy socks, american apparel, happy socks, urban outfitters, express, h&m, happy socks, stance

This mini series has been a test of consistency for me. I want to see how capable I am of doing scheduled posts, and I also want to see if you guys like it (let me know in the comments if you want to see posts on a regular schedule!). We talked last week about some of my current favorite lapel pins, and now we are going to talk about one of my worst vices: socks.

Socks are the unsung hero of your life. They keep your feet from smelling like ass, they look cute, and it is an opportunity to venture out of your comfort zone with your color palette and pattern choice. They’re your best friend.


left to right: american apparel, express, stance, happy socks

Like everything else I own, I need (NEED) nice socks all the time. My personal favorite places to get socks are shops like HAPPY SOCKS and AMERICAN APPAREL, but there are always guaranteed cute cheap ones at places like H&M and Urban Outfitters. I bought my first pair of Stance socks recently and loved them, but I think I would much rather buy the ones from the guys line because they are a bit more durable than the girls ones (the ones I got are the striped sheer ones you see, but they’re all pretty thin compared to the thick, comfy guys ones).

I used to be a knit thigh-high junkie in high school and early college, but I think I have moved on because they don’t work for my legs and I’ve been living in pants lately. However, I got these cute black knit ones from ALDO (far left in the first photo) and they work for those days that you wanna keep your legs warm, but still wear a dress.


all socks from happy socks

A lot of these socks are not super durable. The ones from HAPPY SOCKS (above) could survive nuclear war because of their quality and durability (check them out for sure!), but my cheap ones from H&M and Forever 21 aren’t practical for all of the walking and biking I am doing all the time. To be real, women’s socks are shitty quality a lot of the time, and it’s a way better investment to get smaller-size men’s socks. Places like Brooks Brothers, Calvin Klein, and Van Heusen make really bomb socks that are practical for when you are walking 7489423784923 miles all day.

That’s all I have for this micropost, and I’ll have another Little Things post up for you next Tuesday! xx