closet vomit



I hate boobs. Okay, correction: I hate my boobs. They get in the way, they aren’t cute, and they can make clothes look weird. I have been proudly braless since I was a sophomore in high school (meaning no underwires/uncomfortable weird tit contraptions with the occasional exception once in a blue moon when my chest just isn’t having it), and I can say that it has benefited my life so much. My back muscles are stronger, I don’t feel obliged to wear anything I don’t want to, and I feel in control of my body. But I digress.

Having a little bralette to wear once in a while is a nice opportunity to look and feel cute, and they’re fun to style for those hot days when it is socially acceptable to not wear a shirt (I await the day when we can be as shirtless as our male counterparts, but that’s a whole other discussion). I especially like them because they aren’t painful or uncomfortable, and they don’t make your boobs look bulkier than they actually are. The bottom line being that they are natural and come in cool styles.


I’m not really a fan of the halter bralettes. They kind of annoy me and they stick out a little too much. But my absolute favorites are the basic cotton ones in neutral tones. My Dahlia bralette from SOLSTICE INTIMATES (top right) is a cute one to have sticking out from underneath a sheer shirt. The one on me in the first shot is from NOLLIE, and I’ve had it since practically the beginning of time, and I wear it as a crop with denim shorts a lot. The striped one is just a little $5 basic from FOREVER 21, and the ALEXANDER WANG one is a new addition to my mini collection. The one on the bottom is from INTIMO, and I found it in a lingerie boutique in Seattle.

I love these pieces because they allow me to embrace my body for the way it is. If you have been reading along with me in recent months, you know that this means a lot to me. It can be a struggle seeing yourself naked, and if there is something you can do or buy for yourself that makes you feel comfortable in your own skin, then fucking do it! I haven’t admitted to this to anyone, but I have had my eye on a binder for a while and am thinking of trying it out. If I buy it, I will share my experience with you!

Thanks for reading, and I will post again for you guys tomorrow! xoxo

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