closet vomit



I’ve been in a huge Regina Spektor mood lately. I’ve been listening to her for seven years or so, and I feel that I can always relate to her music, especially her older albums (Soviet Kitsch and Songs are the best), and lately I have been feeling pretty magical and light, putting on her records alone in my apartment with some candles and my crocheting.

That same feeling I have had with Regina’s music lately is the one I felt when shooting these beautiful clothing pieces for T.Madison, a brick-and-mortar boutique in my city that is a refreshing curation of clothing, home, and apothecary goods. They are gathering product shots for their online shop, and I thought it would be fun to share some of the shots with you guys. Some of the things are a little out of my comfort zone (spoiler alert: boobs below), but overall it was extremely fun and magical to shoot in a bright, naturally-lit studio that pretty much looked like my dream apartment.

I hope you guys enjoy, and check back with me tomorrow to see my some of my home and lifestyle picks for fall! I know it’s July, but I am just so excited for temperatures to drop and my favorite season to be among us.


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