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I abhor summer. Seriously. Between living in the middle of the desert, having the sun beat down on me on my daily bike ride, and having close to nothing to wear, summer is the absolute worst for me. It is so difficult to pull off summer outfits as a minimalist. We thrive on creative layers and sweaters. Neutrals are a must, especially in my case, and it is next to impossible to find neutral, minimalist summer wear that shows a little bit of skin, but not so much to the point that I feel uncomfortable. Luckily, I found this cute, lightweight maxi from ZAFUL that solves some of my summer style dilemmas. It is the right color, cut, and it breathes enough that I am not dying in this 115-degree PHX weather.


My other Zaful find that I am obsessed with is this southwest-inspired swimsuit that is adorned with animal skulls on it. You guys know that I am obsessed with taxidermy (hint: home post coming soon that will prove that even more), and I love this suit because the design doesn’t abridge my style (clean, neutral, mature) and still shows my interests (collecting dead things, being creepy, you know). It took a lot of searching and sifting through thousands of items to make the right decision for me, but that is the beauty of Zaful: there is something for everyone. Their pieces span across all different types of personalities so you are guaranteed to find something you like at the lowest price you can find (the swimsuit was only $13!). Don’t believe me? SEE FOR YOURSELF HERE.


It was fun having a little pool day at the mid-century-modern-inspired hotel down the street from my apartment. It was a nice vacation from my busy days, and I was able to relax and be surrounded by design that inspires me. Though this hotel is pretty colorful for my taste, the effortless simplicity and clean, neat geometrics create a beautiful framework for the entire building.


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