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My parents cared so much about making Christmas special for my siblings and I. Living in Detroit, it was magical waking up on Christmas morning to seeing snowfall out the window, causing a symphonic unison of creaking in our hundred-year-old home when we bolted down the stairs to see the tree aglow and adorned in ornaments, each with a name etched on the bottom in gold paint pen. My folks used two types of wrapping paper: one to indicate gifts from family members, and the other to keep the illusion that Santa had brought gifts wrapped in his own special paper (my dad still does this, despite the fact that my siblings and I are older — it is a detail that I will always be grateful for). My parents were very in character that way, and they always had the most beautiful decorations and seasonal details in our home. That being said, we hoarded a bunch of stuff, and when I first moved out on my own, I vowed I would never, ever, EVER own things that are only brought out for a few weeks out of the year before being stowed away again.

This year, I decided I wanted to incorporate details into my home to celebrate the holidays that are accessible all year long. By picking the proper textures, materials, colors, and items, my home feels ready for Christmas, and everything is usable for every other season. Here we go.

Letterboards are so useful for seasonal changes… all you have to do is add a quote. I wanted something simple and chose “Merry & Bright” to my LETTERFOLK LETTER BOARD give a seasonal mood to my home. I also like to incorporate pinecones and white ceramics to give a minimalist, but wintry detail to the top of my shelf. The tiny bit of red in my polaroid camera creates a seasonal vibe as well.

Textiles play a huge role here. Luckily, my stonewashed grey sheets and classic Ikea pillowcases came in handy here, but I also picked up this comfy plush pom-pom throw pillow from HOMEGOODS for $30 to bring reminders of snow (or the top of santa’s hat).

I really enjoy my HOMEGOODS rose plates, which I found for $3 apiece, which I can take out for when people come over to enjoy some wine and cheese, or, more realistically, when I am on the couch binge-eating christmas cookies that I baked “as gifts for people.”

Using materials such as white enamel, eucalyptus, and twine give a minimal and simple bit of holiday design to your giftwrapping or decor around the house. Use twine and clothespins to hold up little instax photos from this past year with some eucalyptus stems to create a nice display above your fireplace or bed!

You may be wondering where the tree is: it’s in the works, but I firmly believe in getting a real tree. By yourself. With an axe.

Okay, a tree lot is fine too. But hacking your own tree is more fun.

I also believe that music is an important element to creating a cozy vibe in the home. Whether you have old christmas records (I have a record of a german boy’s choir singing christmas carols, which was given to me as a joke), a live album like my Beach Boys record that has their christmas covers on it, or just a simple 45″ of a group that reminds you of christmas, like my Carpenters record, you are guaranteed to create an ambiance in your home that makes you want to curl up and watch It’s A Wonderful Life. In fact, I really want to do that in this moment. That’s my favorite christmas movie.

I also love this chunky knit sweater from ROMWE with the cutest little bell sleeves and eyelet details on the front. It’s the perfect lounge-around-the-house-while-eating-all-the-christmas-cookies kind of sweater. I love picking up something new from them when I want to try out a new trend like the new bell-sleeve sweaters that I’ve seen floating around, and I was very happy with how this one looked on me.

I hope this helps! Now go get festive!

Until next post. xx