My kitchen is a hallway. Honestly, calling it a hallway is generous. My kitchen can fit two people. When I first moved into this apartment in 2015, it didn't feel like a huge deal: I was eating almost exclusively chicken, rice, and broccoli, so I figured having a tiny kitchen wouldn't be too crippling. Then (of course) I had to adopt an obsession with learning new culinary skills, and it all snowballed from there: my best friend and I cooked an entire thanksgiving dinner for twelve people in this kitchen. I learned how to make tikka masala, gnocchi, vegan chickpea burritos, banana bread from scratch, and countless other recipes in this kitchen. However, it never felt pretty until I started channeling effort into it last year. It still has a long way to go, but I wanted to share what it looks like at the moment as per your suggestions

Hey everyone! Here's a quick little summer look for you that I am excited about! This slip dress from Splendid is amazing and so comfortable -- I love midi-length dresses, and this one is a great breathable cotton fabric and is my new go-to for the hotter months. This dress was even one of Refinery29's spring picks! I paired it with my straw hat from Kate Spade and my go-to mule slides from Nisolo. Anything simple, minimalist, breathable, and high-quality is on the outfit agenda for this summer. Until next post. xx

I'll be real with you: I'm not a huge fan of my bedroom. The carpet is brown and ugly, and that pretty much ruins it for me. However, the natural light makes me so very happy. I was reading an article last week about common home feng shui techniques, and I learned that it was important to never have your bed perpendicular to the door. This is because, in Japanese culture, people who pass away in their bedrooms are wheeled out feet-first, and you should not be positioned that way when you are sleeping. I read this while sitting on my bed, which was perpendicular to the door, and I decided that my bedroom needed a little adjusting to maximize peaceful sleep. I have so many goals for this room, and I did this little setup to tide me over until I can get the pieces that I want, specifically a mid-century

As of the past six months, I have realized that gingham is my new go-to pattern. When I was younger, I used to buy everything in stripes to the point that, when I hit high school, I vowed to never buy anything striped again, which lasted until my first year of college. I realize that when I find a pattern I like, I go completely crazy with it, but this time around, I've decided to own it. I bought gingham dresses, pants, shorts, shirts, and I have my eye on that new gingham two piece from Reformation that has been driving me batshit crazy for the past few weeks since they launched their swim line. I am also obsessed with my new sunhat from Kate Spade (similar here)! It can be difficult to style patterns, but what I have realized is this: the simpler, the better. I kept these looks so consistent and simple,