closet vomit

a little summer bedroom refresh

I’ll be real with you: I’m not a huge fan of my bedroom. The carpet is brown and ugly, and that pretty much ruins it for me. However, the natural light makes me so very happy.

I was reading an article last week about common home feng shui techniques, and I learned that it was important to never have your bed perpendicular to the door. This is because, in Japanese culture, people who pass away in their bedrooms are wheeled out feet-first, and you should not be positioned that way when you are sleeping. I read this while sitting on my bed, which was perpendicular to the door, and I decided that my bedroom needed a little adjusting to maximize peaceful sleep.

I have so many goals for this room, and I did this little setup to tide me over until I can get the pieces that I want, specifically a mid-century nightstand and media console pair. My temporary fix for right now is this little stool next to my bed, which I painted white. I also want to re-stain my bed from the black hue it is now to a lighter, natural color. My temporary fix was to put the headboard behind my tapestry, which instantly brightened the room.

My textiles are a mix of different sources. I was craving washed grey linen last summer, and found a set that worked with my budget and color scheme. I also have a white comforter on the way, which I am planning to use for the summer to brighten the room even more.

The planter next to the bed that is housing my rubber tree is from the Ikea spring collection. My essential oil diffuser is a must for this room as well — brightness and essential oils are key to a calm and serene sleeping space. I don’t like using the blends that are marketed specifically for the diffusers, I prefer lemon oil because it is cheap, crisp, and makes your whole house smell super clean. I pick up my (huge) bottle of it at Sprouts for $20.

A little fact about my lifestyle that ties into this: I don’t own a TV, and even if I did, it would not go in the bedroom. I try to uphold the value that bedrooms are for sleeping only, although I seem to break this rule by watching Netflix in bed, hehehe. Removing stimuli from the bedroom will ensure a better night’s sleep, and your room will just look cuter without a giant electronic taking up a whole wall.

I also don’t keep a lot of my possessions in my bedroom: just the clothes in my closet, a couple market baskets, the essential furnishings, a throw blanket, and my slides from St. Agni. This makes the room feel like it holds purpose, while keeping the bare minimum in there.

Although my room looks nothing like how I want it to, this is my little temporary setup until I find the tables and such that I want!

Until next post. xx