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monday bookmarks

This morning was serenity in chaos. I woke up to the calamity of a monsoon, rain pouring down, clouds lingering low in the sky. It was the best way for a fresh week to start. I always feel more inspired when the weather is melancholic and rainy — it installs a sense of self-reflection and heightened insight for me. So, today, I'm sharing some of my visual inspirations that I have found from around the internet this week, paired with a little playlist in a nice package for you.

For maximum reading experience, press play and scroll 🙂

I've been dreaming of a more historic and industrial living space as of lately. I want to move to a new city terribly, and I want to have a home that's old and brightly-lit so my plants can thrive. My favorite thing lately has been what I call "freak plants" — houseplants that are so happy that they are growing in weird overgrown ways. I feel it brightens any space while adding a hint of whimsy. [ source / source / source ]

I've been finding little shots on Instagram that inspire me as well. The image on the left was posted on Solange's Instagram — I immediately fell in love because a) the serendipitous real-life design and colors are amazeballs and b) what an amazing way to highlight black musical excellence but in a stunning photo of artists in action. The photo on the right is from Pretty Little Fawn — these flowers she shared are so irresistible and mustard is one of my favorite colors. [ source / source ]

I came across this neat little card design on Pinterest and I immediately repinned it — it is so festive with so much simplicity. I want to buy a stack of these, honestly. [ source ]

This week has been all about cloudy days, solemn and relaxing music, and warm, creamy colors. It feels like it should be autumn, when in reality it's the middle of July and 100 degrees. Cooler days will be here eventually.

Until next post. xx