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monday bookmarks | 7.31.17

This week was very similar to last. In lieu of monsoon season, I find myself lusting for fall and listening to nostalgic music. I shit you not when I say that I’m currently wearing a cardigan and drinking hot coffee while listening to early Death Cab For Cutie and occasionally looking out the window at the cloudy sky. I’m a walking caricature of myself in 2009 at the moment. I’m marinating in my own embarrassment with myself while slouched in a chair writing this in the middle of my favorite coffee shop (duh).

Anyways, here’s a playlist of a few songs that I loved in 2009 and forgot about. Press play and scroll for inspiration for your Monday morning.

My friend Megan and I have the same habit of screenshotting different places we want to check out and compiling them in folders organized by city. I like to go to the location on Instagram, where it shows the map and assorted photos posted there, so that I remember what the place looks like and where it is located. These are a couple places that inspired me this week; the first, Commissary in Los Angeles, which is pretty much a greenhouse eating experience. I have this spot bookmarked for my next trip out there. The second, though a little cliché of a location, is a cute photo from Tulum, which I hope to visit in the fall. I’ve been dying to go to a paradise-like place for the past few months and can’t wait to get around to going. [ source / source ]

A personal goal I have set with myself that I’ve been applying the past week or so is the incorporation of slow mornings. Now, I’m the busiest human on the planet, so my “slow mornings” are more of a forgery. I’ve been waking up an hour or so earlier than usual to sit down and take in the morning to center myself — a lot of people like to start their day with yoga and meditation, but this period of calm acts as meditation for me. I feel that this is important because I meditated on a regular basis up until I was sixteen (I’ve done martial arts since I was six) and with the calamity of adulthood and lack of free time, I’ve been unable to continue physical meditation. So, waking up, charging my battery, and creating a plan to accomplish my goals for the day keeps me centered and organized. [ source / source ]

My last inspiration from this week has been the incorporation of natural elements in home styling. Being an essentialist, this one is tough for me. I do have a mini collection of taxidermy in my house, but everything has a place that blends with the space. However, inviting other elements like wood or pinecones has felt uncomfortable to justify for my home. It feels cluttery for me, but I love to sit back and adore others’ homes who invite the outdoors in and do so flawlessly. I’m still drooling over the incorporation of stacked firewood inside a built-in. It creates a cabin-like feel without sacrificing a clean palette. [ source / source ]

I hope that these little finds this week inspire you, and I hope you are also anticipating fall in July like I am, hahaha.

Until next post. xx