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monday bookmarks | 8.14.17

I feel bad that I've been a bit behind on posting, so here is the next Monday Bookmarks post, chock full of the past two weeks of visual inspirations. I've felt under an immense amount of stress the past couple weeks in preparation for my last semester of college — there is so much to be done every single day now, and I am a little afraid. Luckily I have this blog as my escape from the frivolous stresses of day-to-day challenges, so thank you for being here. 🙂

Alright, press play, light a candle, and unwind! You survived Monday, you deserve it.

This week was full of cozy and hygge-esque vibes. I've been slightly annoyed with how people are Americanizing hygge all over pinterest and robbing it of its Nordic influences, so it has been a nice little experiment to incorporate it in its authenticity into my own home this week. I crocheted with just candles lit around me for a little while to unwind and get myself in the mood for sleep, I've upkept the simplicity and warmth of my home more than usual, and I've experimented with different scents in the home as well. It has helped with my anxieties that have been in overdrive the past couple of weeks — I feel centered, calm, and present. These little visuals always help as well. I've been lusting after these custom-made text tapestries that I found on instagram by @wildflowereyesco. I definitely plan on buying one to replace the cow tapestry over my bed.

I'm also in love with the tones and styling of the last image — I came across it on my pinterest and fell in love with it immediately. I love incorporating warm, creamy tones and natural elements, and to see the two collide in such a modern ensemble brought me so much joy this week.

And, of course, here are the sources for all these monday bookmarks: source | source | source| source | source

Until next post. xx