I have a bit of a ranting diary post, so I'll preface this with what I'm wearing to save y'all the grief. The denim I am wearing is from BDG at Urban Outfitters -- I love their pieces because they are designed for curvy girls like me, and I feel so confident in them! I paired it with a little polka dot shirt that I thrifted -- I've been trying to master transitional outfits for between seasons. And the best part of all are these beautiful James oxfords from Nisolo. They are one of the nicest pairs of shoes that I own, and my second pair of Nisolo's overall. They work well for anything, from my casual trips to the farmers market, to working on stories in the newsroom at school. They're comfortable, walkable, and the leather is exquisite. I've never slipped on a pair of shoes that represent me as a

[Sponsored by Zappos] Fall is finally upon us! I am so excited to share all of the transitional outfits I've been shooting for you guys! I figured this one is a good place to start -- just a casual little look with a band tee and quality details. My favorite thing to do is mix casual, inexpensive, secondhand pieces with one or two things that are extremely nice and new. The tee I am wearing is from seeing Morrissey in Tucson a handful of months ago (maybe you guys remember how sad I was that he walked off the stage after 20 minutes, hahaha), and I paired it with some basic denim, slides, and a sunhat. The bag I am holding is from Fossil -- its the perfect little size for carrying my notebook, wallet, and phone, and it works well on my morning bike rides! I love high quality leather goods so

I decided to throw you guys a curveball and wear a red floral print, hahaha. I've always loved florals -- they're my absolute favorite and remind me of all of the vintage dresses I bought in high school at my local goodwill. This dress is from Fame and Partners, and it combines florals with some of my other favorite things: sustainability and high-quality goods. These dresses are custom made to eliminate fabric waste and it fits perfectly! To be transparent, my Instagram post was sponsored but this blog post isn't -- I'm saying this because I truly love this brand and this dress makes me feel so pretty on my more femme-presenting days. I didn't have to make a post about it, but you guys know that I only back up and work with brands I believe in. It isn't integrated advertising, this is my life and my beliefs :) I

(Click here to jump to the list!)School is back in session for the last time for me, and this is usually the time of year that my worst personal flaw comes out. Although I have been putting in extra effort to take better care of myself and set time aside to unwind, I have this tendency to be so self-destructive and it has shown through as of lately. I'm going to be cheesy and put it this way: My name is Ashley, and I am a workaholic. No, not in the bitches-get-shit-done, work-hard-play-hard, cliche, motivational way. I mean in the addiction way. I feel absolutely worthless when I'm not doing things to advance myself further, so I go to extremes to make sure I am always getting ahead. I panic and refuse to relax. It's a collision of passion and expectations placed on me at a young age. When I was in elementary