I'm still so in love with my photos from Valentine's Day, I couldn't help but include them in a post, hehehe! I was so thrilled to take these photos with my friend Eunice the other day because it's nice to see familiar faces in a new and less-familiar place that I live in now. In fact, I've found that I've cherished my personal connections way more lately. Every phone call, text, face-to-face interaction has felt way more exhilarating and so valuable to me. Having friends, family, and all of you reach out to me the past month has really aided me in my adjustment and growing pains living in New York City.   I know that I am talking about the newness of NYC a WHOLE LOT lately, and I'm sure all of you are getting sick of it. But it's been much more of a project than I expected! Moving to

Hi everyone! I just want to start this out by thanking all of you for your patience and support during my huge move to NYC. You guys gave so many awesome recommendations during my road trip here and after I made it to my new home, and I am so grateful. I know that we have been anticipating this post sharing my new apartment, so here is a tour of my room! I am currently living in Brooklyn and I love my neighborhood. It's quiet but still full of things to do, and I am just a few blocks away from Prospect Park. I love that my apartment is bright and has beautiful wood floors, two things that I wanted most out of my new space. You guys also voted on my IG stories for a video, so I put something together! If you are a fan of experiencing my blog in