My hair has always been a whimsical form of expression for me since the first time I dyed my hair at 14. I still remember that day so well: I begged my mom for ages to let me dye my hair a bright auburn red, and finally the day came: my mom and I went to the drugstore by the house we used to live in, picked out the brightest shade of red she would permit, and I remember us clad in giant t-shirts as I hunched over the bathtub, intoxicated by the smell of boxed hair dye, as my mom helped me properly coat the roots of my hair. It was a liberating moment, altering my hair for the first time in a (ironically parent-approved) bout of teenage rebellion. From then on, I dyed my hair so many colors: black, blue, blonde, neon pink, millennial pink. One time as a

Mini Monday posts are back with a new little look! I have been spending a lot of time doodling on my iPad since I've come to NYC, and I want to be able to share my adventures, inspirations, outtakes, and fave products in a little package for you every Monday, doodles and all. :) This week was chock full of experiences, friends (new and old), and neat new discoveries. Without further adieu, here is a little post to jumpstart your week! A NEW FAVE PRODUCT The newest cult beauty product that I've seen floating around lately is Fur, a line of products designed for caring for your pubic hair. Whether you're grown out or shaved or somewhere in between, their products help prevent ingrowns and keep you moisturized and healthy! I also love that it works well for all genders! I personally tried out the Fur Oil and I immediately realized a difference