Anxiety can be the loneliest experience on earth. Even surrounded by a support system, it can feel like you're completely isolated in your own thoughts. Being alone with yourself is no longer solace from the chaos of social interactions, but a prison for circular thoughts and feeling completely incapable of being "normal." At the end of the day, we have to face a difficult reality: the only person who can help us in times of anxiety is ourselves. Sure, we can have people who are there to comfort us and we can see therapists and go to support groups full of people who know exactly what we are going through, and they're wonderful! But, when you're alone and and you feel like there isn't anyone to help, or if you're someone who needs to be alone when you're having an episode, you have you. (THROWBACK PHOTO OMG) I had the idea to

my struggle with being pansexual and a blogger There are a lot of firsts in life. The first time you ride a bike, the first time your parents let you sleep over at a friend’s house. Your first kiss. The first time you see your parents fight. It’s endless, but every memory lives vividly in your mind as time goes on. I remember the first time I was bullied for being gay. I was a sophomore in high school and had only been out of the closet for about a year, but word hadn’t spread very far at my school that I liked girls. I was going out with a girl at my high school who I liked a lot. She was very androgynous and was a hockey player, and, due to us both having cropped Justin Bieber haircuts (LOL) it was, ahem, very obvious that we were not straight.  I can still hear