I am excited to finally kick off posting all of the blogs that you all requested on my Instagram! Just a refresher for everyone: a couple of months ago, I made a post asking for everyone to comment blog post requests and that, no matter what the topic, I would follow through and do them! It has been a fun challenge to take on, and I will be sharing these for a while because there were so many! So, for starters, here is my post on how I keep up my vintage-y style. 1. Buy actual vintage! My favorite, FAVORITE hobby is going to different thrift stores, estate sales, and vintage markets to collect things that inspire me without the distraction of trends or fast fashion. This helps me decide what I truly love, rather than buy things on impulse because that is what is perceived as "on trend" at the time. I

This post is full of a whole lot of treats for you! I have a little outfit moodboard, a relaxing playlist, and some little outtakes from what I've been up to lately! Let's jump in. It has been so warm and sunny in nyc and I love going to the park to sprawl out for some good ol' people watching and soaking up sunshine. Here is a little moodboard showing a cute lil look I wish I could wear out in this weather. I also had a lot of fun this past week at Pride last Sunday (I made the sign!) and then the following Friday I went to a rollerskating rink near my apartment in Brooklyn and I plan to go every Friday night for roller disco. :) And, of course, as promised, here is a little playlist of some chill and relaxing music to hopefully ease you through this