Here's a quick little micropost for y'all! Long story short, I put on my Instagram this morning that I was feeling really low, something that's been happening often lately. I opened up the floor to all of y'all for your best suggestions on how to take care of yourself, and the response was so overwhelming, I wanted to share all of your answers here! Okay, here we go! "I go for a walk or drive, treat myself to some ice cream, and listen to a podcast!" "A lil cry, tea, Netflix" "A shower or bath and walk and if possible a friend date." "Watch cat videos and/or a series/movie I love." "Netflix." "Get out of the house. [My husband] Nathan always makes me and it helps. #distractions" "Crying always helps me! And then getting super fucking high." "Work out or read a book!" "A bubble bath, ginger tea, binge watch parks and rec :)" "I rewatch my favourite films and reread