There’s a quote that goes like this: “I used to think it might be fun to be Anyone else but me I thought that it would be a pleasant surprise To wake up as a couple of other guys But now that I've found you I've changed my point of view And now I wouldn't give a dime to be Anyone else but me” From a duet between Bill Evans and Tony Bennett (two of my faves, I’ll add), I used to think this song was about finding love in another person. I interpreted this song as any other romantic jazz tune — feeling only a sliver of oneself until a perfect other comes along that makes them feel complete. As I’ve grown and evolved and changed, I began to see this song in a different light: I find it represents finding confidence and self-compassion, and in that, realizing I am “Lucky to be Me.” It’s about finding yourself

I firmly believe that my passion for personal style began in a Goodwill. Almost every day after school when I was a teenager, my best friend and I would walk a few blocks over and comb through the racks. We were awestruck by the different colors and textures and cuts of vintage dresses that appeared untouched for years before making its way onto a discount rack, the smell of dust stale and stagnant in the air around it. The inspiration just waiting to meet my eager hands was seemingly endless. Vintage already had a very important role in my life too, as my mom has always collected amazing furniture and homewares from estate sales and antique shops (or, as we called it, “the treasure store”). Fast-forward to nowadays, and the majority of my closet is vintage that I’ve collected over the years. I always receive such sweet messages from y’all on

Here's some visual inspiration I shared on my Pinterest this week! I actually love Pinterest a lot and use it almost every day, but I have no idea how to use it from a blogging standpoint! I love curating my boards and adding things that inspire me -- especially in interior design. My dream is to be a home & lifestyle writer someday, and it's extremely obvious when you look at what I pin. With what I shared above, I just really loved the particular clean, yet cozy vibe of everything. There's an injection of a warm fall atmosphere without compromising visual appeal. I'm a sucker for variations in warm brown tones (obviously), and the corduroy in the first photo just really stood out to me, along with the intricate frames and variation in textures throughout the little moodboard I created here. Sources: 1 | 2 | 3 | 4 | 5 I've

Growing up, one of my biggest anxieties was (and still is) the detriment humans cause to the planet. Between deforestation, climate change, pollution, and a slew of other damages we are causing to our home, I used to be kept up at night worrying and wondering how I could make a difference. Not all of us can do everything, but here are a few small changes that are a great place to start.   1.Reusable produce bags My roommate and I love finding small changes to eliminate plastic in our home, so we picked up a stack of these reusable produce bags from a local shop that sells waste-eliminating products. Nothing feels worse than individually bagging every vegetable you pick up at the grocery store in those plastic bags, and this way you can make a small difference that adds up. Bonus: they’re also super cute. 2. Switch to natural and sustainable products I’m currently so