This is my first gift guide ever! I always find myself struggling to find the perfect gift for the people in my life, but the joy of finding an exact match and wrapping it beautifully and seeing the look in someone's eyes when they open it is incomparable. My family actually isn't doing gifts this year (which I'm very excited about because nobody will be stressed about shopping and just focus on living in the moment), but here's a curation of some of my favorite finds lately that you should consider giving to the cute people in your life. STYLE brooklyn river boots house of fluff coat hansel from basel socks j crew sweater woll earrings BEAUTY fur oil pharmacia fragrance dr. jart mask schmidt's deodorant populum cbd lotion milk mascara HOME marshall speaker gantri lamp package free brush food52 cart diptyque candle READS design bloggers at home how to not always be working -- If you want to see more things like this from me, leave a comment below or shoot me