My hair has always been a whimsical form of expression for me since the first time I dyed my hair at 14. I still remember that day so well: I begged my mom for ages to let me dye my hair a bright auburn red, and finally the day came: my mom and I went to the drugstore by the house we used to live in, picked out the brightest shade of red she would permit, and I remember us clad in giant t-shirts as I hunched over the bathtub, intoxicated by the smell of boxed hair dye, as my mom helped me properly coat the roots of my hair. It was a liberating moment, altering my hair for the first time in a (ironically parent-approved) bout of teenage rebellion. From then on, I dyed my hair so many colors: black, blue, blonde, neon pink, millennial pink. One time as a

Mini Monday posts are back with a new little look! I have been spending a lot of time doodling on my iPad since I've come to NYC, and I want to be able to share my adventures, inspirations, outtakes, and fave products in a little package for you every Monday, doodles and all. :) This week was chock full of experiences, friends (new and old), and neat new discoveries. Without further adieu, here is a little post to jumpstart your week! A NEW FAVE PRODUCT The newest cult beauty product that I've seen floating around lately is Fur, a line of products designed for caring for your pubic hair. Whether you're grown out or shaved or somewhere in between, their products help prevent ingrowns and keep you moisturized and healthy! I also love that it works well for all genders! I personally tried out the Fur Oil and I immediately realized a difference

  I'm still so in love with my photos from Valentine's Day, I couldn't help but include them in a post, hehehe! I was so thrilled to take these photos with my friend Eunice the other day because it's nice to see familiar faces in a new and less-familiar place that I live in now. In fact, I've found that I've cherished my personal connections way more lately. Every phone call, text, face-to-face interaction has felt way more exhilarating and so valuable to me. Having friends, family, and all of you reach out to me the past month has really aided me in my adjustment and growing pains living in New York City.   I know that I am talking about the newness of NYC a WHOLE LOT lately, and I'm sure all of you are getting sick of it. But it's been much more of a project than I expected! Moving to

Hi everyone! I just want to start this out by thanking all of you for your patience and support during my huge move to NYC. You guys gave so many awesome recommendations during my road trip here and after I made it to my new home, and I am so grateful. I know that we have been anticipating this post sharing my new apartment, so here is a tour of my room! I am currently living in Brooklyn and I love my neighborhood. It's quiet but still full of things to do, and I am just a few blocks away from Prospect Park. I love that my apartment is bright and has beautiful wood floors, two things that I wanted most out of my new space. You guys also voted on my IG stories for a video, so I put something together! If you are a fan of experiencing my blog in

  I've really taken time this week to reflect on the past year, both on my own in thought, and with you guys in the form of my 2017 photo diary. My two favorite holidays are Halloween and New Year's Eve, and I have my own personal rituals that come with the new year. My favorite ritual is the way I write my resolutions. Every year, I write five or six reasonable goals for the year that I want to accomplish, whether it be focused on personal growth, my well-being, my career, or my experiences. Past years have been mostly focused on accomplishing things that I would expect myself to do, such as graduating college, landing an internship, and other milestones that are more technical than pleasurable (don't get me wrong, I'm grateful for the opportunities I have, but they have come to define my lifestyle). However, this year, 2018, is more

2017 was raw. For me, it was a collision of trying new things, hardships, big life decisions, heartbreaks, anger, pure joy, and, most importantly, growth. This year, I went to Disneyland (twice!), Portland, LA, Detroit, New York, Tucson. I saw countless bands live and I worked two internships. I graduated college. I turned 21. I announced my move to NYC. Aaron and I celebrated our fourth Christmas together. But some rough shit happened too. I wasn't sure how I was going to finish college because I couldn't get another loan. I had zero time to blog for months because I was so busy. I had four teeth pulled, one toenail surgically removed, my endometriosis got worse, and I got hit by a car. However, I grew from all of this. I have never felt so strong and fulfilled in my entire life. 2016 was a time of self-discovery and self-establishment, and 2017 was a

I'm back from the dead on here! After finishing school forever and alleviating the majority of my stress, I craved a little mini trip up to Portland. My friend Cheyenne (@cheyp on instagram) was so gracious to host me for the 36 hours I was there, and we squeezed a lot of cool things into such a small sliver of time. I wanted to share some cute little spots I went to, just in case you find yourself around PDX in the near future. :) what I wore I didn't want to pack anything for such a quick trip, honestly. I wanted to just walk onto the airplane with my shoulder bag, so I planned accordingly. I wore a pair of black Levi's and a basic tank, and I packed extra socks, underwear, and a shirt in my bag with a toothbrush and other mini self-care items. I brought my teddy coat (remember

I have a bit of a ranting diary post, so I'll preface this with what I'm wearing to save y'all the grief. The denim I am wearing is from BDG at Urban Outfitters -- I love their pieces because they are designed for curvy girls like me, and I feel so confident in them! I paired it with a little polka dot shirt that I thrifted -- I've been trying to master transitional outfits for between seasons. And the best part of all are these beautiful James oxfords from Nisolo. They are one of the nicest pairs of shoes that I own, and my second pair of Nisolo's overall. They work well for anything, from my casual trips to the farmers market, to working on stories in the newsroom at school. They're comfortable, walkable, and the leather is exquisite. I've never slipped on a pair of shoes that represent me as a

[Sponsored by Zappos] Fall is finally upon us! I am so excited to share all of the transitional outfits I've been shooting for you guys! I figured this one is a good place to start -- just a casual little look with a band tee and quality details. My favorite thing to do is mix casual, inexpensive, secondhand pieces with one or two things that are extremely nice and new. The tee I am wearing is from seeing Morrissey in Tucson a handful of months ago (maybe you guys remember how sad I was that he walked off the stage after 20 minutes, hahaha), and I paired it with some basic denim, slides, and a sunhat. The bag I am holding is from Fossil -- its the perfect little size for carrying my notebook, wallet, and phone, and it works well on my morning bike rides! I love high quality leather goods so

I decided to throw you guys a curveball and wear a red floral print, hahaha. I've always loved florals -- they're my absolute favorite and remind me of all of the vintage dresses I bought in high school at my local goodwill. This dress is from Fame and Partners, and it combines florals with some of my other favorite things: sustainability and high-quality goods. These dresses are custom made to eliminate fabric waste and it fits perfectly! To be transparent, my Instagram post was sponsored but this blog post isn't -- I'm saying this because I truly love this brand and this dress makes me feel so pretty on my more femme-presenting days. I didn't have to make a post about it, but you guys know that I only back up and work with brands I believe in. It isn't integrated advertising, this is my life and my beliefs :) I