(Click here to jump to the list!)School is back in session for the last time for me, and this is usually the time of year that my worst personal flaw comes out. Although I have been putting in extra effort to take better care of myself and set time aside to unwind, I have this tendency to be so self-destructive and it has shown through as of lately. I'm going to be cheesy and put it this way: My name is Ashley, and I am a workaholic. No, not in the bitches-get-shit-done, work-hard-play-hard, cliche, motivational way. I mean in the addiction way. I feel absolutely worthless when I'm not doing things to advance myself further, so I go to extremes to make sure I am always getting ahead. I panic and refuse to relax. It's a collision of passion and expectations placed on me at a young age. When I was in elementary

I feel bad that I've been a bit behind on posting, so here is the next Monday Bookmarks post, chock full of the past two weeks of visual inspirations. I've felt under an immense amount of stress the past couple weeks in preparation for my last semester of college -- there is so much to be done every single day now, and I am a little afraid. Luckily I have this blog as my escape from the frivolous stresses of day-to-day challenges, so thank you for being here. :)Alright, press play, light a candle, and unwind! You survived Monday, you deserve it.This week was full of cozy and hygge-esque vibes. I've been slightly annoyed with how people are Americanizing hygge all over pinterest and robbing it of its Nordic influences, so it has been a nice little experiment to incorporate it in its authenticity into my own home this week.

This week was very similar to last. In lieu of monsoon season, I find myself lusting for fall and listening to nostalgic music. I shit you not when I say that I'm currently wearing a cardigan and drinking hot coffee while listening to early Death Cab For Cutie and occasionally looking out the window at the cloudy sky. I'm a walking caricature of myself in 2009 at the moment. I'm marinating in my own embarrassment with myself while slouched in a chair writing this in the middle of my favorite coffee shop (duh). Anyways, here's a playlist of a few songs that I loved in 2009 and forgot about. Press play and scroll for inspiration for your Monday morning. My friend Megan and I have the same habit of screenshotting different places we want to check out and compiling them in folders organized by city. I like to go to the location

[show_shopthepost_widget id="2764240"] I've had When Doves Cry stuck in my head for at least a week. I remember when I was younger my parents saw Prince on his Musicology tour and I wanted to go so badly. My parents brought back a CD for me to listen to and I used to imagine what that concert would have been like. He has always been a huge part of my musical life. I love to put on his music and think back to singing Raspberry Beret with my mom and feel the nostalgia. I have a similar feeling when wearing the dress in this look. I bought it when I was in high school, and it is a vintage sixties dress that I bought with my very first paycheck from my first job working in a Subway. I used to wear it all the time to school with red lipstick and my bangs

I don't know about all of you, but my skin is especially sensitive to changes in weather. I've told you all about how Dr. Jart Micro Milk Peel has been my saving grace in the past, and it still helps with the dry summer weather for staying exfoliated and clear. However, I found that for the summer months, I needed a light, gentle routine for my face with all-natural ingredients, as well as natural oils to keep my face and body hydrated and glowing. [show_shopthepost_widget id="2760382"] These amazing products from Peet Rivko make up their essentials kit -- with a cleanser, moisturizer, and face oil. Everything is natural with ingredients coming from sources such as green tea, aloe, and prickly pear oil. Aubrey Plaza happens to be a fan of these folks, so obviously they are doing something right. The cleanser is great for eliminating dirt and excess oil from the face

This morning was serenity in chaos. I woke up to the calamity of a monsoon, rain pouring down, clouds lingering low in the sky. It was the best way for a fresh week to start. I always feel more inspired when the weather is melancholic and rainy -- it installs a sense of self-reflection and heightened insight for me. So, today, I'm sharing some of my visual inspirations that I have found from around the internet this week, paired with a little playlist in a nice package for you.For maximum reading experience, press play and scroll :)I've been dreaming of a more historic and industrial living space as of lately. I want to move to a new city terribly, and I want to have a home that's old and brightly-lit so my plants can thrive. My favorite thing lately has been what I call "freak plants" -- houseplants that are

this summer has been an exploration of different methodologies on how to be my best self and allow myself to be in a good condition. I am the type of person who doesn't exercise even the most basic of self-care out of self-destructive busyness that I disguise in the name of "productivity" -- though I would consider myself to be ahead for my age, this is not healthy. So, every month from here on out, I will be writing a self-care guide to share with you. This will be a compilation of all of my strides and goals with how I take care of myself, which you can try too! I will also be sharing some of my favorite products. This will be something fun to share, and I will be able to hold myself accountable. 1. my self-care checklist You all may have seen this on my instagram story a couple of

Just the other week, I was walking through one of my local goodwills and came across a rattan wastebasket. Just the week before, I was scouring the internet for the perfect rattan pendant lamp for my bedroom, but to no avail -- nothing was exactly how I wanted it, not the material, not the shape. Upon picking up this wastebasket, something clicked for me: why the hell am I looking to drop nearly $100 on something that I can flip upside-down for a sliver of the price? Being the inherently crafty person I have become as I slither into a broke-bitch adulthood, I bought it for $4 and went home. The next day, hanging out with my blogger bff Megan (you have seen @meganjennifer in my stories on IG), I ordered a pendant light online to go with it. The two of us spent a Tuesday afternoon putting together the vision in

My kitchen is a hallway. Honestly, calling it a hallway is generous. My kitchen can fit two people. When I first moved into this apartment in 2015, it didn't feel like a huge deal: I was eating almost exclusively chicken, rice, and broccoli, so I figured having a tiny kitchen wouldn't be too crippling. Then (of course) I had to adopt an obsession with learning new culinary skills, and it all snowballed from there: my best friend and I cooked an entire thanksgiving dinner for twelve people in this kitchen. I learned how to make tikka masala, gnocchi, vegan chickpea burritos, banana bread from scratch, and countless other recipes in this kitchen. However, it never felt pretty until I started channeling effort into it last year. It still has a long way to go, but I wanted to share what it looks like at the moment as per your suggestions

Hey everyone! Here's a quick little summer look for you that I am excited about! This slip dress from Splendid is amazing and so comfortable -- I love midi-length dresses, and this one is a great breathable cotton fabric and is my new go-to for the hotter months. This dress was even one of Refinery29's spring picks! I paired it with my straw hat from Kate Spade and my go-to mule slides from Nisolo. Anything simple, minimalist, breathable, and high-quality is on the outfit agenda for this summer. Until next post. xx