I'll be real with you: I'm not a huge fan of my bedroom. The carpet is brown and ugly, and that pretty much ruins it for me. However, the natural light makes me so very happy. I was reading an article last week about common home feng shui techniques, and I learned that it was important to never have your bed perpendicular to the door. This is because, in Japanese culture, people who pass away in their bedrooms are wheeled out feet-first, and you should not be positioned that way when you are sleeping. I read this while sitting on my bed, which was perpendicular to the door, and I decided that my bedroom needed a little adjusting to maximize peaceful sleep. I have so many goals for this room, and I did this little setup to tide me over until I can get the pieces that I want, specifically a mid-century

Hey guys! Here is a quick little post and VIDEO for you guys of a sweet little drink you can enjoy on a cloudy day like it is today in PHX! Gevalia cold brew concentrate is a nice little fix for when you're a constantly busy person like I am. recipe: 2 tbsp. hazelnut spread (melted) 3/4 cup milk (I prefer non-dairy) 3/4 cup Gevalia vanilla cold brew concentrate There you go! Enjoy!   Until next post. xx (sponsored by Gevalia)

My bank account was just automatically charged by my hosting service, which only means one thing: Closet Vomit is 3 today! Three years ago on this day, I swallowed my nervousness, my website was created, and it has been a tumultuous and exciting adventure ever since. I am still learning about myself and how to properly communicate my style and design inspirations every day, and having all of you on board to follow along with me has been an honor and loads of fun! Three years ago, I was 18 and lost, suffering from depression and dealing with trauma, and I had no idea how to communicate my emotions and channel my issues into a creative outlet. Standing here, 3 years, 12,000 readers, and countless moments of doubt later, I stand before you, (almost) 21 years old, and eons more confident in myself, my style, and my future. And I attribute

This post isn't pretty. Anxiety isn't pretty. The photo above that you see is how I look in this exact moment, sitting in the exact same spot, hair half-damp, traces of makeup down my face, wearing only my giant NASA sweatshirt that I only seem to wear when I'm having a anxious or depressive episode. Before taking this photo, I ate roughly 2000 calories in one sitting, took a bath in attempt to calm my nerves (maybe you saw it disguised as a mini self-care tutorial on my instagram story), and I sat in my own thoughts, shaking and anxious. This photo isn't posed -- you may notice that it is out of focus. I couldn't keep my hands steady enough to get the manual focus right. My living room looks a bit less polished than it normally does in my other posts. I just had a panic attack. I was

My parents cared so much about making Christmas special for my siblings and I. Living in Detroit, it was magical waking up on Christmas morning to seeing snowfall out the window, causing a symphonic unison of creaking in our hundred-year-old home when we bolted down the stairs to see the tree aglow and adorned in ornaments, each with a name etched on the bottom in gold paint pen. My folks used two types of wrapping paper: one to indicate gifts from family members, and the other to keep the illusion that Santa had brought gifts wrapped in his own special paper (my dad still does this, despite the fact that my siblings and I are older -- it is a detail that I will always be grateful for). My parents were very in character that way, and they always had the most beautiful decorations and seasonal details in our home.

From my stories on Instagram and my blog posts as of lately, you guys may have noticed that I've been dabbling in homemade apothecary goods and hardcore skincare (if you haven't noticed, check out my recipe for eucalyptus bath bombs). In the wake of recent health issues I have been fighting the past few months and an all-around stressful time of year, my face has broken out and my pores have felt dirty all the time. While investing in high-end moisturizers and creating an exfoliation routine have done my face a lot of good so far, sometimes my face just needs fifteen minutes to rejuvenate, hydrate, and detoxify. Especially with the fact that I live with Generalized Anxiety Disorder, it is always healthy to take a bit of time out of the day to ground myself and clear my head. So I am sharing my eucalyptus and lemon steam facial with you! What

At long, long, long last, I have finally reached a point where I feel my house is ready for a little home tour for you guys! There are still some things that I want to replace or change, but the reality of decorating a home is that you are never finished. You are an evolving person, and your tastes and needs change with you. Some people don't like to share where they get their home goods from. But I value transparency and honesty, so I am going to share with you where I got some of my favorite things in my home! Okay, let's do this. My home is extremely important to me. Being a person who strives for creative control, as well as a person with an anxiety disorder, coming home to a simple and peaceful sanctuary is one of my highest priorities. You guys probably see my living room in my

I enjoy being alone. Outside of time with my partner and the occasional interaction with a friend or family member, I am always alone, in my own thoughts and quiet. I live alone and take in the silence while I work on the blog or do my homework. I read The New Yorker or write out my intentions for the day while taking the train to school. I almost always have headphones in when I am walking down the street, and am usually cooking and listening to podcasts at home. I am an introvert towards anyone who isn't close to me. I wasn't always this way. As a high schooler, I was outgoing and impulsive. I was loud, upfront, and had no boundaries with others. I went out with friends more. I never felt reserved and needed much less quiet time than I do now. Though I blame much of my evolution of

(hint: it's not milkshakes.) Essentially, I grew up living at the dentist. Ever since fourth grade on, I was just always there. I was bullied by a lot of girls in elementary and middle school, and one incident left me with half of my front tooth left. I've felt very fortunate to have never felt insecure about having a fake front tooth (despite the fact they don't match lol), but that one case of bad luck led to me needing a root canal, braces, spacers, rubber bands

I love baths. Everyone has a method of calming themselves down when they are anxious or stressed, and mine is anything that involves water. I don't really believe in horoscopes or anything like that, but in the off-chance that my horoscope actually represents my personality, I am a Pisces, so the bath obsession probably makes sense. I posted these little bath bombs I made on Snapchat and Instagram Stories the other day, and y'all went nuts, so, at long last, here is my little tutorial on how to make eucalyptus bath bombs! Please note that this is my own original recipe that I learned after trying a bunch of other ones. I was inspired to make ones with actual eucalyptus leaves because of this bath bomb from Lush - I enjoy natural artisan soaps and apothecary goods, and having the real botanical element to it kind of seals the deal for me. I've been making