As you guys probably saw on my social media this week, I just got back from my mini trip to San Francisco with my partner and our close friend. I had an amazing experience, all condensed into two days, and I had a great deal of fun sharing some of the things we did with you online. But what travel, especially lately, has made me realize most of all is that Instagram is far beyond just an app that we use every day to share our stories. They say that friends are the family that you choose, and Instagram has taken that to the next level. This past year, I went all the way across town to meet an Internet friend for the first time at their house before going out to take some photos. I was telling someone that I was doing this and they thought I was insane. "Aren't you worried

Every girl knows the drill. Post something opinionated or "not feminine," and there's always some elitist male waiting to clap back at you. Whether it is posting a body-positive feminist article, a photo of you out with your friends, or even something as harmless as having an opinion about a new movie coming out, it seems like there is always someone ready to write a comment or send you a message trivializing your opinion in attempt to portray you as overly emotional and make you feel bad for even posting in the first place. We have a name for these types of people: fuckboys.  You see, the fuckboy is a fascinating creature. It feeds off the festering anger it has inside, whether it be because its parents never hugged it, or it owns a fedora, or it has spent too many nights stalking the dark corners of 4Chan (which is essentially every corner), it thirsts to

There's something I can say with absolute certainty: I, in this moment, am the happiest I have ever been. But another thing I am certain of is that I fought to get to this point. This is a post with some confessions. Confessions that I have wanted to disclose for a very, very long time. But I feel that this post is important because I want to provide you guys with the honesty that you deserve, and the context that we all need to carry on with my little living room we all have here on the internet. I'm honestly a little shaky and light-headed writing this. Okay. Here we go. Every time someone asks me why I started a blog, I tense up. I have created this dichotomy of two reasons why my blog exists; both are true, but one is the easy explanation and the other is one that

LEAVE ME A COMMENT BELOW IF YOU LOVE THIS POST ♡ My New Years' resolution for 2015 was to "master a new talent." After a few days of thinking, I decided I wanted to learn how to be "good" at makeup. I spent that whole year trying new things, practicing, and making my first youtube makeup video, which I am a little embarrassed of now, because my whole makeup routine has changed. Makeup has never been a strong suit of mine, from wearing dark green eye shadow and tinted lip gloss and being called a clown for it in the seventh grade (Sean, if you are ever reading this, fuck you) to my oversized cat eyes of 2014-2015. I realized that I love my face the way it is, and I would much rather wear products that enhance what I already have, rather than attempt to change it. This is why I love

Hey guys! I know I have been a little vague about the shoots I have been doing for LOCAL WOLVES MAGAZINE, but I am here to let you know that I have a spread in their June 2016 issue! I had a lot of fun shooting with photographer and staff member JENSON METCALF and having the opportunity to share personal stories with the publication for your reading pleasure. We discussed my favorite music, the inception of this blog, and even a story behind one of my tattoos. You can read the article below, and I also included some exclusive outtakes for you! New outfits are going up starting tomorrow. Can't wait to show you. xx RIBBED TURTLENECK BY TOPSHOP. JOGGERS BY GAP. SANDALS BY FRANCO SARTO. VINTAGE SUNGLASSES.

Blogging is really fucking hard. Even though anybody could make a website and write about themselves on a regular basis, people don't realize the difficulty that comes with being scrutinized by others and feeling like you're talking to a wall all the time (seriously, are you guys reading this? leave a comment below so I know you exist, please! ♡). Out of all the struggles I find with being a digital creator, the biggest one I have is one that I created for myself, and I know this issue affects other bloggers as well. This is really difficult for me to talk about publicly on the Internet. I hate my body. Okay, so does everybody else. But it has affected my relationship with food, with people, and with my blog. Being in photographs all the time has created this emotional stress for me, and over the past few years, it has downward-spiraled

I am very excited to talk about this outfit with you guys. It poses an opportunity to talk about some personal stuff with you, as well as share my experience visiting my DREAM HOME this week. We're gonna talk about gender. We're gonna to talk about minimalism. Keep reading on! I wore boys' underwear as a kid. I know that this is a really random thing to share, but hear me out. My parents were exponentially cool and let me do what I wanted, which also included having pet worms and wearing OshKosh overalls into eternity. I was a tomboy. Being an adult now, I still feel bits and pieces of that boyish kid inside of me. Sometimes I wonder to myself if I fit in the female gender "box," but I know in my heart that I am cisgender. I am just not the most female person in the world, and

In all honesty, I haven't spent as much time on Instagram lately. With my opinions on the -ahem- update, I have found myself a little less inclined to scroll through my feed all the time. However, opinions aside, I still love Instagram very much. Which is why I am going to share with you five of my favorite people online who happen to have the best Instagram feeds. 1. EGGCANVAS Erica Choi is the digital art director for Barney's New York, as well as a blogger. Her photographs, both on her feed and her website, reflect the tiny bits of beauty that can be found in day-to-day life with a careful eye. Her work is exhilarating and full of energy. She also has impeccable taste in investment pieces (she recently discussed her splurge on a Hermès Sac Roulis). I follow her because I personally look up to her and admire her work. She excels as

Today is a personal post, accompanied by some photographs of my dear friend Brielle Bishop. A lot of you may not know this, but photography has been a primary hobby of mine since I was fifteen. Ever since then, I have been self-taught and I spent every spare minute in high school taking self-portraits and learning every bit of technical and artistic skill that I have now. However, between blogging and school and being an adult, taking photos for the sake of art alone has been put on the back-burner, aside from the occasional set of photographs that I keep private for myself. But, because I had to photograph and record Brielle for a school project anyway, I wanted to use this time as an opportunity to take a set of portraits that are artistic and autobiographical. I have been having a lot of health issues lately. Specifically, a lot of