I have wanted to share my home with you for a while now, and this is just part one of a post-by-post home tour! This is my bedroom. My boyfriend hates that I love to eat in bed, hahaha. :) I love surrounding myself with things that I value and cherish. If you follow me on Snapchat, you have definitely seen my closet before. Not a lot of colors going on here. Just some little tags I have collected over time, my sunnies, and some crazy boho feather earrings that were a gift from a very close friend. You guys know that I don't accessorize much. These are all the necklaces I own. Always reading something new. Currently: the latest issue of KINFOLK and I Await the Devil's Coming by Mary MacLane. When I was sixteen years old, I took down all of the posters and magazine clippings that I had so intricately taped to my

tumblr_nhtxz0culC1r712ajo1_540 BEHOLD! A playlist for you! If there is anything that I have discovered about myself since downloading Spotify three years ago, it is that I make the most unconventional and strange playlists that have ever polluted the internet. Not that it is a bad thing... who wants a predictable tracklist? Answer: nobody. Anyways, I have spent a good chunk of time wanting to start sharing my playlists with all of you. I feel that the collision of music and fashion is such an important phenomenon that has happened in culture in the past century, and I also know that my music collection is such a massive influence on the way that I dress, blog, and live my life. This specific playlist is a showcase of tracks, both new and old to me, that fill my insides with absolute joy and appreciation for my life. Some of these remind me of my coming-of-age, others are songs that I enjoy to listen to while riding my bike or taking a long bath, and some of these remind me of my man friend human person. It is, indeed, a complete clusterfuck to an outsider, but to me, it is an orb of joy, nostalgia, and absolute summer dreaminess. I hope that it brings you as much joy as it brings me! You can also find me on Spotify and see what I am listening to!

14TH FEBRUARY 2015 // INSPIRATION THIS WEEK MAKEUP ART, NYFW 2015 Makeup is always one of my favorite parts of Fashion Week. It’s that tiny detail that accentuates the entire concept the model is wearing, and it is a whole extra aspect that we get to explore and discover when we see photographs online (or in person, if you are a lucky motherfucker), and we get inspiration for our own faces in return. The picture above is from Versace’s SS 14 show, but I am presenting it here because it is one of my favorites. After seeing this makeup, I was inspired to incorporate more gold into my makeup, as I learned that I like the way it looks with my skin (note: See wording. I like the way it looks. Don’t worry about outside opinions. If YOU like it, wear it). Make sure to check out what’s going on in New