This is my first gift guide ever! I always find myself struggling to find the perfect gift for the people in my life, but the joy of finding an exact match and wrapping it beautifully and seeing the look in someone's eyes when they open it is incomparable. My family actually isn't doing gifts this year (which I'm very excited about because nobody will be stressed about shopping and just focus on living in the moment), but here's a curation of some of my favorite finds lately that you should consider giving to the cute people in your life. STYLE brooklyn river boots house of fluff coat hansel from basel socks j crew sweater woll earrings BEAUTY fur oil pharmacia fragrance dr. jart mask schmidt's deodorant populum cbd lotion milk mascara HOME marshall speaker gantri lamp package free brush food52 cart diptyque candle READS design bloggers at home how to not always be working -- If you want to see more things like this from me, leave a comment below or shoot me

I firmly believe that my passion for personal style began in a Goodwill. Almost every day after school when I was a teenager, my best friend and I would walk a few blocks over and comb through the racks. We were awestruck by the different colors and textures and cuts of vintage dresses that appeared untouched for years before making its way onto a discount rack, the smell of dust stale and stagnant in the air around it. The inspiration just waiting to meet my eager hands was seemingly endless. Vintage already had a very important role in my life too, as my mom has always collected amazing furniture and homewares from estate sales and antique shops (or, as we called it, “the treasure store”). Fast-forward to nowadays, and the majority of my closet is vintage that I’ve collected over the years. I always receive such sweet messages from y’all on

I am excited to finally kick off posting all of the blogs that you all requested on my Instagram! Just a refresher for everyone: a couple of months ago, I made a post asking for everyone to comment blog post requests and that, no matter what the topic, I would follow through and do them! It has been a fun challenge to take on, and I will be sharing these for a while because there were so many! So, for starters, here is my post on how I keep up my vintage-y style. 1. Buy actual vintage! My favorite, FAVORITE hobby is going to different thrift stores, estate sales, and vintage markets to collect things that inspire me without the distraction of trends or fast fashion. This helps me decide what I truly love, rather than buy things on impulse because that is what is perceived as "on trend" at the time. I

This post is full of a whole lot of treats for you! I have a little outfit moodboard, a relaxing playlist, and some little outtakes from what I've been up to lately! Let's jump in. It has been so warm and sunny in nyc and I love going to the park to sprawl out for some good ol' people watching and soaking up sunshine. Here is a little moodboard showing a cute lil look I wish I could wear out in this weather. I also had a lot of fun this past week at Pride last Sunday (I made the sign!) and then the following Friday I went to a rollerskating rink near my apartment in Brooklyn and I plan to go every Friday night for roller disco. :) And, of course, as promised, here is a little playlist of some chill and relaxing music to hopefully ease you through this

  I'm still so in love with my photos from Valentine's Day, I couldn't help but include them in a post, hehehe! I was so thrilled to take these photos with my friend Eunice the other day because it's nice to see familiar faces in a new and less-familiar place that I live in now. In fact, I've found that I've cherished my personal connections way more lately. Every phone call, text, face-to-face interaction has felt way more exhilarating and so valuable to me. Having friends, family, and all of you reach out to me the past month has really aided me in my adjustment and growing pains living in New York City.   I know that I am talking about the newness of NYC a WHOLE LOT lately, and I'm sure all of you are getting sick of it. But it's been much more of a project than I expected! Moving to

I have a bit of a ranting diary post, so I'll preface this with what I'm wearing to save y'all the grief. The denim I am wearing is from BDG at Urban Outfitters -- I love their pieces because they are designed for curvy girls like me, and I feel so confident in them! I paired it with a little polka dot shirt that I thrifted -- I've been trying to master transitional outfits for between seasons. And the best part of all are these beautiful James oxfords from Nisolo. They are one of the nicest pairs of shoes that I own, and my second pair of Nisolo's overall. They work well for anything, from my casual trips to the farmers market, to working on stories in the newsroom at school. They're comfortable, walkable, and the leather is exquisite. I've never slipped on a pair of shoes that represent me as a

[Sponsored by Zappos] Fall is finally upon us! I am so excited to share all of the transitional outfits I've been shooting for you guys! I figured this one is a good place to start -- just a casual little look with a band tee and quality details. My favorite thing to do is mix casual, inexpensive, secondhand pieces with one or two things that are extremely nice and new. The tee I am wearing is from seeing Morrissey in Tucson a handful of months ago (maybe you guys remember how sad I was that he walked off the stage after 20 minutes, hahaha), and I paired it with some basic denim, slides, and a sunhat. The bag I am holding is from Fossil -- its the perfect little size for carrying my notebook, wallet, and phone, and it works well on my morning bike rides! I love high quality leather goods so

I decided to throw you guys a curveball and wear a red floral print, hahaha. I've always loved florals -- they're my absolute favorite and remind me of all of the vintage dresses I bought in high school at my local goodwill. This dress is from Fame and Partners, and it combines florals with some of my other favorite things: sustainability and high-quality goods. These dresses are custom made to eliminate fabric waste and it fits perfectly! To be transparent, my Instagram post was sponsored but this blog post isn't -- I'm saying this because I truly love this brand and this dress makes me feel so pretty on my more femme-presenting days. I didn't have to make a post about it, but you guys know that I only back up and work with brands I believe in. It isn't integrated advertising, this is my life and my beliefs :) I

Hey everyone! Here's a quick little summer look for you that I am excited about! This slip dress from Splendid is amazing and so comfortable -- I love midi-length dresses, and this one is a great breathable cotton fabric and is my new go-to for the hotter months. This dress was even one of Refinery29's spring picks! I paired it with my straw hat from Kate Spade and my go-to mule slides from Nisolo. Anything simple, minimalist, breathable, and high-quality is on the outfit agenda for this summer. Until next post. xx

As of the past six months, I have realized that gingham is my new go-to pattern. When I was younger, I used to buy everything in stripes to the point that, when I hit high school, I vowed to never buy anything striped again, which lasted until my first year of college. I realize that when I find a pattern I like, I go completely crazy with it, but this time around, I've decided to own it. I bought gingham dresses, pants, shorts, shirts, and I have my eye on that new gingham two piece from Reformation that has been driving me batshit crazy for the past few weeks since they launched their swim line. I am also obsessed with my new sunhat from Kate Spade (similar here)! It can be difficult to style patterns, but what I have realized is this: the simpler, the better. I kept these looks so consistent and simple,