There are two reasons I am not vegan: 1) macaroni and cheese; 2) leather goods. If you have even glanced at anything on this blog, the one thing that you know for sure about me is that I don't fuck around when it comes to quality. That's why I've taken one of Coach's Spring/Summer 2017 bags in as part of my spring capsule wardrobe (more on that later). The bag I am holding is their Rogue 25 in glovetanned pebble leather. I love this bag because it is lightweight and the perfect size for everything I carry around in my bag, which is typically my phone, wallet, keys, rosewater spray, balm, and headphones. Even my UrbanEars Plattan 2 headphones fit in the middle compartment effortlessly. I felt so fortunate getting to style a bag for a brand that I am familiar with and admire the quality of, so I had a lot of

I enjoy being alone. Outside of time with my partner and the occasional interaction with a friend or family member, I am always alone, in my own thoughts and quiet. I live alone and take in the silence while I work on the blog or do my homework. I read The New Yorker or write out my intentions for the day while taking the train to school. I almost always have headphones in when I am walking down the street, and am usually cooking and listening to podcasts at home. I am an introvert towards anyone who isn't close to me. I wasn't always this way. As a high schooler, I was outgoing and impulsive. I was loud, upfront, and had no boundaries with others. I went out with friends more. I never felt reserved and needed much less quiet time than I do now. Though I blame much of my evolution of

Just posting a breezy summer look to share with all of you. I am extremely butthurt that it is still over 100 degrees here in the desert, despite the occasional cloudy day or storm. It seems that every summer here has been hotter and hotter, and my patience with everyday life deteriorates with every degree the temperature rises. I have been anticipating fall so much (obviously, since I've been talking about fall things since July LOL) and it makes me so sad that I have to wait so long here. I am aching to live in a place with actual seasons again. Growing up in Detroit was always a treat when the brisk weather crept in and every step you took was an orchestral harmony of crackling leaves. Instead I am here, a recluse to my air-conditioned apartment with a temper that feels at risk of snapping at any second.

Okay, I'm back, I promise. Thank you all for your patience with me the past week or so, I know I have been MIA. I've been going through a lot in my personal life, and I knew that it would be the right thing to take a bit of a break. And shit, I really needed it. Now I am back and completely ready to churn out a bunch of good stuff for you! I was ready to spill a bunch of details about why I have needed some time to myself, but a friend of mine advised that I keep some personal details about the matter to myself. And I agree that I should. But I will tell you guys that my absence has been medical-related, and I am also starting a new job and semester of school. And all of this came up in the same week. So, again, thank you all

I've been in a huge Regina Spektor mood lately. I've been listening to her for seven years or so, and I feel that I can always relate to her music, especially her older albums (Soviet Kitsch and Songs are the best), and lately I have been feeling pretty magical and light, putting on her records alone in my apartment with some candles and my crocheting. That same feeling I have had with Regina's music lately is the one I felt when shooting these beautiful clothing pieces for T.Madison, a brick-and-mortar boutique in my city that is a refreshing curation of clothing, home, and apothecary goods. They are gathering product shots for their online shop, and I thought it would be fun to share some of the shots with you guys. Some of the things are a little out of my comfort zone (spoiler alert: boobs below), but overall it was extremely fun and

I abhor summer. Seriously. Between living in the middle of the desert, having the sun beat down on me on my daily bike ride, and having close to nothing to wear, summer is the absolute worst for me. It is so difficult to pull off summer outfits as a minimalist. We thrive on creative layers and sweaters. Neutrals are a must, especially in my case, and it is next to impossible to find neutral, minimalist summer wear that shows a little bit of skin, but not so much to the point that I feel uncomfortable. Luckily, I found this cute, lightweight maxi from ZAFUL that solves some of my summer style dilemmas. It is the right color, cut, and it breathes enough that I am not dying in this 115-degree PHX weather. My other Zaful find that I am obsessed with is this southwest-inspired swimsuit that is adorned with animal skulls on it.

I hate boobs. Okay, correction: I hate my boobs. They get in the way, they aren't cute, and they can make clothes look weird. I have been proudly braless since I was a sophomore in high school (meaning no underwires/uncomfortable weird tit contraptions with the occasional exception once in a blue moon when my chest just isn't having it), and I can say that it has benefited my life so much. My back muscles are stronger, I don't feel obliged to wear anything I don't want to, and I feel in control of my body. But I digress. Having a little bralette to wear once in a while is a nice opportunity to look and feel cute, and they're fun to style for those hot days when it is socially acceptable to not wear a shirt (I await the day when we can be as shirtless as our male counterparts, but

  This mini series has been a test of consistency for me. I want to see how capable I am of doing scheduled posts, and I also want to see if you guys like it (let me know in the comments if you want to see posts on a regular schedule!). We talked last week about some of my current favorite lapel pins, and now we are going to talk about one of my worst vices: socks. Socks are the unsung hero of your life. They keep your feet from smelling like ass, they look cute, and it is an opportunity to venture out of your comfort zone with your color palette and pattern choice. They're your best friend. Like everything else I own, I need (NEED) nice socks all the time. My personal favorite places to get socks are shops like HAPPY SOCKS and AMERICAN APPAREL, but there are always guaranteed cute

Being a minimalist, I usually stray from collecting little things unless they are truly meaningful and important to me. I almost never wear jewelry, I only like owning makeup I use every day, and I only like rotating through the same few bags. However, there are some little things that are my vices, and I want to do a mini-series of the little things I do happen to collect. These posts will go up on TUESDAY NIGHTS for the next three weeks! This week is lapel pins. I don't have a lot of them (for obvious reasons), but I like having ones that have meaning to me. The lapel pin-clad leather jacket is the charm bracelet of 2016. Everyone's pins represent them in a way. I think that the rapid emergence of enamel pins has been really awesome. Anyone can design and sell them, and the craziest designs keep popping up in

Everybody has a day when they wake up and know that nothing is going to go right. Nobody is spared from this happening at least once. Unfortunately, mine was yesterday. Though I am not ready to talk about events that led up to why yesterday was awful, I want to write a post that emphasizes something positive: remembering you are powerful. I will give a very vague description of what happened yesterday, just for the sake of my privacy (I promise I will find it in me to talk to you about this in the future). I have never really talked to you about this, but for context, my day job is waiting tables. Anyway, I was at work going about my usual day, and then a certain individual came into the place I work at, and this individual is a threat to my safety and all around mental wellness. That