I decided to mix it up a little bit this week with this post. I had a little photographic playdate with my dear friend Cadence Meeks, and we walked around the beautiful neighborhoods near my home and fell in love with the one that you see behind me. We weren't sure if anybody lived there (I have a tendency to invade abandoned spaces), but the outside was beautiful, with the paint peeling all over and vines swallowing the entire side of the house. It was the perfect way to spend a brisk Arizona December afternoon. The outfit that I am wearing is a staple favorite of mine, and a very meaningful one. I have worn this combination since I was in early high school, and I find that it consistently reflects who I am, no matter what type of style I have an affinity for at the time: the pairing of

Hello everyone! I hope you all had a restful holiday this week- I know I did. A little too restful, in fact. I am sad that I haven't had a lot of opportunities to share outfits with you all, and I have so much in store hiding in the crevices of my brain cells, just waiting to come out. I wanted to post this one first because I feel that cold November weather fosters lazy outfits, and I felt this one was a realistic depiction of what I wear in the winter- loose, knit pieces paired together for a practical, active look. I can go all day running errands wearing this and then lounge around my apartment with the love of my life (Netflix) afterwards. In other news

Hello! Just dropping in with another outfit from this week! I especially like this one because it features one of my staple looks- the oversized sweater paired with a peter pan collar. This sweater from GAP is my new best friend- warm, comfy, grey, and, of course, of pristine quality. I have another grey GAP sweater that I have owned for six years (the one from my collab with LOOKBOOK), and it has worn in so evenly with no sign of ever being unwearable. I suppose the oversized grey sweater alone is considered a closet staple for me. I find sizing to be so open to interpretation- I would argue that only a third of my closet is in my actual size. Everything else is oversized. The other pieces that you see in here are my bone-colored peter-pan-collar blouse from AMERICAN APPAREL, as well as my skinnies from good ol'

Hey everyone! The weather is finally evolving in my favor, meaning my FALL OUTFITS ARE COMING. *heavy breathing* Autumn has always been my favorite season since I was very small- some of my fondest memories of growing up in Detroit are raking the leaves and jumping in them with my sister, taking family hikes through state parks, and having the coolest parents ever who would set up our projector in the front yard and invite everyone on the block to come watch a Halloween film. The brisk air and warm ciders of the season make me feel a haunting (lol) sense of nostalgia for a time when everything was simple and candy didn't have calories. I have always had a go-to hat since I was in high school. I used to almost always wear a hat, but I weaned myself off of it to only wear it

The past couple of years of my life have been spent extremely scrutinizing my body. Though I am aware that I am on the thinner end of the spectrum, there have been quite an abundance of instances where I look at myself in the mirror and feel completely convinced that I am not. Though I uphold the belief that bodies of all forms, colors, and structures are beautiful, I, more often than not, do not find myself a part of that equation. I find that my sense of insecurity in my appearance, as well as my accomplishments, affect my work. I want to create content that exudes my (occasional, minuscule) confidence, and this is something that I have been working on since before I even started contributing to the internet. However, I am starting to recognize small bits of growth towards having a sense of security, and with

AUTUMN IS COMING and I couldn't be more excited. Despite the fact that autumn around here entails monsoons and dust storms, mostly, I am highly anticipating being able to break out all of my actual clothes to make some fresh new looks. I bought a lot of my coats two months ago in preparation, and I already have so many ideas laid out. This first jacket I will share with you guys is my leather bomber from TOPSHOP, which is the best-fitting leather jacket I have ever owned (in a close second place is a collared one from NASTYGAL). I paired it with a simple peter pan-collared blouse from Forever Whatever (term coined by a Buffalo Exchange employee I overheard), and my vintage COACH shoulder bag and ECOTÉ mules. This is an ideal outfit for early autumn, when it can still be a little hot outside, because it

Hello, everyone! Here's just a little post about my outfit from today. I am in love with this oversized drop-waist black dress from ASOS, as well as my platform boots from DOLCE VITA. Don't you love the little details on the toes? Definitely a nineties vibe, since they remind me of my little perforated sandals from grade school. I layered the dress over my AMERICAN APPAREL long-sleeved stretch crop. School is just around the corner for all of y'all, and I can't wait to share my back-to-school outfits! Stay tuned and look alive! Until next time! ♡

One thing that I always find myself preaching (as a lot of you know) is the importance of quality footwear. Platforms have been a classic for a while now, and I never found myself wearing any like these, since so many were poorly-crafted and horrible for my feet. Luckily, my new friends at IFCHIC.COM have teamed up with me to explore the many brands that they retail, and, lo and behold, I fell in love with these amazing white leather platforms from MIISTA. They are extremely quality and comfortable, and they are a new challenge for me, since I don't own any white shoes. I had a wonderful and pleasant shopping experience with IFCHIC this past week. Not only do they carry different Aussie/indie brands, but also they have a cool way for you to get a discount every month. Every time you visit IFCHIC.COM, you are able to collect 2

As a lot of you know, I am a complete sucker for peter pan collars. It seems like every other outfit I wear, both on the internet and off, incorporates a unique neckline. I am proud of this because I like my collarbone area a lot, and it is a confidence boost to have something that accentuates it, or makes it a surreptitious aspect of my body by covering it just enough. I am channeling my inner kindergartener (though I didn't go to kindergarten) with a loose mini dress and a white collar, paired with my mule-ish shoes. They are currently my favorite shoes in the entire world, because they are simple and mature, yet very fun and complement the shape of my feet. And they are quality. I don't like providing tips to people, but one thing I will say is NEVER BUY SHITTY SHOES. Ever. Please. I love

  Today, naturally, I am wearing an oversized dress from Vero Moda with an Urban Outfitters online-exclusive oversized shirt from BDG. I paired this with my Ulay Invaders from my local Buffalo Exchange and my vintage Hot Topic stacks. I love this dress so much; it is three sizes too big on me (I am a size S, this is an XL) and it has a geometric print, which we all know was made popular last year by American Apparel's Lita (formerly "Lolita" and altered for obvious reasons) design, specifically the two-piece tank/skirt ensemble, which I still think is to-die-for. I typically am not much of an enthusiast for trends, but the fact that AA can take a simple print and transform it into a branding strategy is just otherworldly. I know I just wore these boots, but they just pair so well with my large dresses. Clunky shoes paired with a