Today is an important post for me. Not only am I thrilled to have seen a Frank Lloyd Wright concept in person (more on that in a second), but also I finally let my boyfriend take photographs for my blog. We are coming up on a year of being together, and I have never let him take a picture of me for my project. Not once. And this may come off as illogical; he is a talented photographer, studies photojournalism at university, and is a professional in his field. However, I never let him take photographs of me because I have this fear that having a blog documenting myself would portray itself as an act of narcissism, and I was afraid that losing myself in the moment of being photographed, becoming mentally submerged in a sea of confidence and fickle posing, would somehow unleash this other part of myself that I feared

After spending so much time waiting, I am excited to say that I am back in the swing of regularly contributing to my blog. I shot this post today downtown with my best friend, and I am more than thrilled with the way my outfit turned out. This look channels some of my favorite aspects of my style: oversized dresses, my giant, nineties vintage, Hot Topic platform boots, peter pan collars, and, of course, black. The heat nearly killed me after a while, but with a triple shot keeping us going, we created work that I was able to be satisfied with and I am ecstatic. In other news

It’s pretty much summertime in the city where I live, which means it’s officially time for me to challenge myself to wear what I like, despite the fact that it is hot outside. My favorite things are typically black and relatively covering, which we all know does not add up for hot summer weather. I took a shirt-dress that I bought at a local boutique downtown and knotted it for a summery, but still neutral and minimal look. This also looks great worn with some chunky shoes and a sunhat. Don’t be afraid to play around with your pieces, followers. The only person standing in the way of you making your closet multidimensional is yourself. That dress can be a shirt. That sweater can be a dress. That summer piece can be incorporated in a winter outfit. Style on and fear not. P.S. The silver ring on my pointer finger is

2ND FEBRUARY 2015 // DEEP SIX I’ve been training myself to take photographs when I am out and about so I can blog about outfits that are a more accurate representation of what I wear every day. In this one, I have layered a peter pan collared shirt underneath a Utility Skate sweater, paired with my favorite men’s oxfords for an androgynous, comfortable ensemble. There is the slightest hint of femininity in my detailed rings, piercing, and makeup. SEE MORE ESCAPADES ON INSTAGRAM / FACEBOOK / LOOKBOOK

30TH JANUARY, 2015 // BUT I’VE GOT A THICK SKINI had so much fun shooting this today with KAYRAE art+images. I wore this outfit for presenting CLOSET // VOMIT at a panel hosted by creative networking app Feel Free. I love being able to have the opportunity to share my beliefs on individuality and fashion with such a group of innovative human beings. I can’t wait for some special surprises I have coming up for this blog.

23RD JANUARY, 2015 // IMAGE NOT AVAILABLE IN YOUR COUNTRY Went downtown in this comfortable look in search of some cool scenery. we ended up shooting in an abandoned house (!!!!!!) and it was incredibly fun. I will make sure to share more of those very soon. I’ve been realizing that I enjoy street style that incorporates androgynous pieces, is comfortable, neutral, and reflective of my personal style. I saw this shirt in the men’s section at H&M and I knew right away that I would buy it in an extra large and wear it as a tunic-dress, of sorts.I didn’t think the bodysuit would look so good under the t-shirt, but lo and behold, I liked it a lot.  Dad, if you are reading this, this does not mean that you can layer thermal shirts under douche-y shirts. BLAZER BY GIORGIO ARMANI SHIRT BY H&M BODYSUIT BY AMERICAN APPAREL BAG BY MAURIZIO TAIUTI PHOTOGRAPHED BY KAT

Today’s look was inspired by my favorite fashion blogger and role model, SIETSKE LAMERS. She is arguably one of the greatest minimalist fashion bloggers on the internet, and posted THIS LOOK a while back that inspired me to imitate her style. What I loved most about this concept that it was able to incorporate my two favorite things - comfort and sophistication - and be able to merge well with my vintage finds: my bib necklace that I recently thrifted and my antique forties clutch. While my post hardly compares to her original look, I am glad to acknowledge that inspiration from my role models highly influences my growth as a blogger and an artist.  TOP BY TOPSHOP SHOES BY SAM EDELMAN ANTIQUE CLUTCH & NECKLACE

Today was quite an adventure. We shot at the Phoenix Trotting Park, an abandoned raceway for horses that was built in the sixties and only stayed open for two seasons. Abandoned for about fifty years, the place is absolutely dilapidated and adorned in graffiti. It’s a beautiful and bittersweet collision between modernity and the past. My favorite part of the raceway was the abandoned escalator, which you can see in the first two photographs. All of the gears were exposed and critters were crawling in and out of it. It was the most exhilarating artifact to have the privilege of exploring. As we headed to exit the raceway, “YOU ARE GOING TO DIE” was scrawled above us in dripping black graffiti. I smirked to myself. DRESS BY MICHAEL KORS BAG BY MAURIZIO TAIUTI SANDALS BY SAM EDELMAN PHOTOGRAPHED BY KAT DAVIS